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Pavecon is the Dallas-based paving company with national recognition. We have paved thousands of commercial, private and public properties in Dallas, Fort-Worth, Arlington and beyond. Pavecon specializes in asphalt paving, concrete paving, routine pavement maintenance and parking lot repair. Whether patching potholes, sealcoating a parking lot, crack sealing asphalt or installing signage or bollards, we are proud to be the Dallas-based paving company known far and wide for work well done.


Schedules are tight and expectations are high in the DFW Metroplex. A smooth paving experience starts with Pavecon. We self-manage your paving project from start to finish. You have one number to call, one invoice to pay, and far less to worry about.


3022 Roy Orr Boulevard
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Tel: 972.263.3223
Fax: 972.263.6551


Solid Paving. Smooth Process. It’s Just A Click Away.


Asphalt Paving


Concrete Paving


Parking Lot Construction

Parking Lot


Total Parking
Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Signage & Bollards

Parking Lot Signage
& Bollards

Pavement Marking & Striping

Pavement Marking
& Striping


Sidewalks, Curbs &
Barrier Islands

Street & Roadway Paving

Street &
Roadway Paving

Pavement Sealcoating


Crack & Joint Sealing

Crack &
Joint Sealing

•    Asphalt paving
•    Asphalt repair
•    Concrete paving
•    Concrete repair
•    Asphalt recycling with cement stabilization

•    Parking lot paving
•    Parking lot maintenance
•    Pothole repair
•    Sealcoating
•    Crack sealing

•    Joint sealing
•    Striping
•    Signage and bollards
•    One year warranty provided


Greg Hampton

Greg Hampton
Sale Director of
National Accounts
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 113
Cell: 469.446.0397

Tim Wegienka

Tim Wegienka
Senior Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 110
Cell: 214.869.8379

Carey Clayton

Carey Clayton
Sales Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 191
Cell: 214.869.4267

Robert Harris

Robert Harris
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 106
Cell: 214.601.3221

Cub Amos

Cub Amos
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 147
Cell: 972.877.4982

Don Smith

Don Smith
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 142
Cell: 214.869.9659

Dwight Carter Jr

Dwight Carter, Jr.
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 104
Cell: 972.523.4121

Duane Jenkins

Duane Jenkins
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 105
Cell: 214.869.5026

Jim Coulter

Jim Coulter
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 188
Cell: 972-877-9074

Jeff Simmons

Jeff Simmons
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 146
Cell: 214.663.7622

Greg Bond

Greg Bond
Project Manager
Office: 972.263.3223
Office Extension: Ext. 119
Cell: 214.412.8268

When it comes to professionalism in paving, Pavecon is on a grade of its own. We know our image reflects your image. When Pavecon is at your Dallas business, our people and our work will represent you well. Expect a safe, clean jobsite. A neatly dressed crew. A deep knowledge of asphalt pavement and parking lot repair. A customized plan based on your expectations. A smooth paving process. Results you can take pride in. The utmost respect for you, your neighbors and your customers.

Commercial Parking Lot Repair
That Won’t Disrupt Your Business

ig Box Retail Shopping Centers

Big Box Retail Shopping Centers

Apartment Complexes


Strip Mall Shopping Centers

Strip Mall
Shopping Centers

Office Retail Centers

Office Retail

Industrial Buildings and Factories

Industrial Buildings
and Factories

Automotive Dealerships


Medical Centers


Airport Parking, Roads & Runways

Airport Parking,
Roads & Runways

Universities & Schools

& Schools

Religious Facilities


Bank Parking & Drive-Thrus

Bank Parking
& Drive-Thrus

Residential Driveways


For big-box retail shopping centers, apartment complexes, auto dealerships and other high-traffic areas, the show must go on — even during a parking lot repair. Our experienced paving contractors study the traffic flow of your business and work carefully to minimize our impact as much as possible. Pavecon specializes in asphalt parking lot construction, asphalt repair, concrete repair and routine pavement maintenance methods that are quick and customer-friendly.

Solid Paving. Smooth Process. It’s Just A Click Away.

Paving In Dallas Is Easier With Pavecon

In Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas, Pavecon makes it easy to get the best-performing pavement. Before we recommend any paving services, we consult with you in person at your jobsite. We want to learn about your project, your goals and your budget.

Whether you need to construct, repair or replace your pavement, Pavecon is the ideal partner. We provide a full range of pavement maintenance services — everything from pothole repair to sealcoating. We also provide complete asphalt or concrete parking lot paving, striping and signage.

You can rely on Pavecon’s Dallas team to thoroughly answer your questions, swiftly address your concerns, and actively communicate with you until your asphalt or concrete paving project is complete.

Dallas Parking Lot

DFW’s Best-Known Asphalt Recycling Team

Same-day street paving for less. With Pavecon, it’s possible. Asphalt recycling with cement stabilization, also known as asphalt full-depth reclamation, is revolutionizing asphalt repair. It makes your asphalt parking lot more durable, while dramatically reducing costs and project time.

Pavecon is one of the few paving companies in Dallas to provide asphalt recycling throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Asphalt Recycling with Cement Stabilization:

•    Cuts projects costs and time in half
•    Allows for same-day street repair
•    Re-uses existing damaged pavement
•    Between 70–90% less waste
•    Less wear and tear on your property
•    Better for the environment

Solid Paving. Smooth Process. It’s Just A Click Away.

Smoothing Sidewalk

The Pavecon Process

Throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Pavecon has earned a reputation for excellent projects. Our process makes the difference. The Pavecon process is designed to get you the best-looking, longest-lasting asphalt pavement repair at the best possible value.

  • First, we consult with you about your paving project.
  • Next, we offer options for pavement repair based on your budget.
  • The same knowledgeable Project Manager who earned your business will remain actively involved with your job until it is complete.

DFW’s Most Reliable Name In Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Pavecon is the most diligent team of parking lot and paving professionals you can rely on to deliver the great-looking, long-lasting results you expect for your asphalt or concrete paving projects.

Pavecon has provided parking lot paving, repair and maintenance in Texas for decades. We have earned an outstanding reputation for excellence and service with our customers in paving, whether for new parking lot construction, routine crack filling, protective sealcoating or fresh striping. Pavecon is happy to guarantee our work. Our team will be here to help you protect your pavement investment for many years to come.

Dallas Parking Lot

Solid Paving. Smooth Process. It’s Just A Click Away.

Get A Warranty-Backed Pavement Repair in Dallas

Pavecon is not the only Texas paving company to provide parking lot and pavement repair in the Dallas area. But there’s one thing Pavecon provides that many Texas paving companies don’t: A one year warranty on all repairs, that we put in writing, and you can bet we will answer your phone call and return to make it right, if ever necessary. Excludes temporary repairs.

Why is it so rare to find paving with a warranty-backed guarantee? Most paving companies depend heavily on crews of subcontractors and rented equipment, which makes quality control almost impossible. Pavecon takes a less common approach.

We insist on using our own crew, our own equipment and our own proven methods, under the close supervision of our knowledgeable staff. That’s why Pavecon is not afraid to guarantee the quality of our paving work. Trust your asphalt or concrete paving project to DFW’s most professional paving crew: Pavecon.

Repair Concrete Faster In Dallas

Pavecon helps Dallas area customers pave and maintain both asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces.

We are proud to be one of the few Dallas paving companies to own specialized equipment designed for efficient concrete removal. For this reason, Pavecon can remove and replace damaged concrete surfaces faster than most Texas paving companies.

Our concrete pavement expertise and specialized equipment makes Pavecon an ideal partner for concrete paving projects. Pavecon provides concrete removal, concrete replacement, concrete retaining walls, concrete sidewalks, concrete roadways, concrete parking lots and concrete curbs.

Pavecon – Concrete Pavement Services In Dallas

  • Concrete Paving
  • Concrete Removal
  • Concrete Replacement
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Concrete Curbs
  • Concrete Retaining Walls

Choose the Texas paving company with a national reputation.

Pavecon is a nationally recognized paving and construction company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our Dallas regional office is one of eight Pavecon regional offices in the U.S.

It is located in Grand Prairie, Texas, and proudly provides asphalt paving and concrete paving in and around the Dallas area. Pavecon crews are active in Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Irving, Garland, DeSoto, Richardson, Grapevine, and Mansfield, Texas, and surrounding communities.

Dallas Concrete Cutter

You Don’t Have To Be In Dallas To Work With Pavecon.

Pavecon serves clients throughout Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. If you manage commercial property anywhere in the southwestern or southeastern United States, contact Pavecon and request a quote.