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Faster, Better, Cheaper: Asphalt Recycling Parking Lot Repair

Most people expect to pay more for better results. In the Dallas Metroplex, Pavecon customers get better results for less money — in less time.

Pavecon Offers Asphalt Recycling In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

If you are in the Dallas area and want to repair your asphalt parking lot quickly and cost-efficiently, you need to know about asphalt recycling with cement stabilization. This process, also known as asphalt full-depth reclamation, actually improves the durability of your parking lot or road paving project.

Asphalt recycling with cement stabilization is:

•    Faster and less expensive for customers
•    Far less disruptive to traffic flow

•    Allows for same-day street and parking lot repair
•    Produces significantly less waste

•    Puts less wear and tear on your property
•    Is more environmentally friendly

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Same-Day Asphalt Pavement Repair in Dallas

In Dallas, Fort Worth or Arlington, Texas, Pavecon can repave your neighborhood street or apartment complex parking lot with minimal disruption to your residents.

Asphalt recycling makes it possible for Pavecon to work on a street or parking lot during the day, and by that same evening, the pavement will be ready for residents to drive to their homes after work.

Because Pavecon is one of the few Texas paving companies to offer asphalt full-depth reclamation, we are one of the only Texas paving teams that can promise same-day pavement repair for asphalt streets and parking lots.

Parking Lot Repair

Solid Paving. Smooth Process. It’s Just A Click Away.

Pavement Repair

Turn Your Damaged Asphalt Into Your Strongest Pavement Ever

Besides saving time and money, asphalt recycling with cement stabilization also makes your surface stronger. Pavecon can reuse even the most severely damaged asphalt to make a road or parking lot that will last even longer than the original construction.

How Asphalt Full-Depth Reclamation Works

An asphalt pavement section has three layers: The subgrade, the base, and the asphalt paving. The subgrade is the foundation. Above the subgrade sits an eight- to ten-inch base layer. The asphalt surface course is paved over the base. It is usually about two inches thick.

When asphalt pavement starts to show failures like buckling or potholes, the damage on the surface is just a symptom of the real problem. Broken asphalt means the base has failed. To repair the road or parking lot properly, you have two options.

One option is removing and replacing. That means tearing out the two-inch layer of existing asphalt overlay, and all eight-to-ten inches of base beneath that. All the old asphalt and base material must be hauled out in dump trucks, and legally dumped in a landfill. All this labor, transportation, dumping fees, equipment and time add up to significant costs. Not to mention, a waste.

The other option is asphalt recycling with cement stabilization. This option is more efficient and cost-effective because so much of the existing material can be reused in place. That means less labor, less new material, and less waste to haul away.

Pavecon has the know-how and equipment to provide asphalt recycling with cement stabilization on repaving projects throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Pavecon’s Asphalt Recycling Process

Pavecon has a step-by-step process for asphalt recycling with cement stabilization. First, we spread portland cement over your existing asphalt pavement and base material. Then, we grind up that material in-place, as deep as your project requires. Next, we stabilize the base, bring it to grade and compact it for paving. Finally, we pave a new layer of asphalt surface course.

Pavement Cutter

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