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Faster, Stronger, Cheaper: Asphalt Recycling Parking Lot Repair in Northwest Arkansas

Most people expect to pay more for better results. In Northwest Arkansas, Pavecon customers are getting better results for less cost — and in record time. The reason?

Pavecon is Northwest Arkansas’s Asphalt Recycling Pavement Repair Team

Asphalt recycling with cement stabilization, also known as asphalt full-depth reclamation, actually improves the strength and increases the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot or street, while reducing costs and project time.

Pavecon is one of the only paving companies in Northwest Arkansas to offer asphalt recycling with cement stabilization as a standard part of our asphalt pavement repairs.

Pavecon Asphalt Recycling Pavement Repair:

•   Reduces project costs and time
•   Allows for same-day street repair

•    Re-uses existing damaged pavement
•    Between 70–90% less waste

•    Less wear and tear on your property
•    Better for the environment

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Same-Day Asphalt Pavement Repair in Northwest Arkansas

In Northwest Arkansas, regular pavement maintenance can spare your company an expensive total parking lot replacement down the road. Pavecon protects asphalt pavement in Bentonville, Springdale, Rogers Fayetteville and nearby communities with swift pothole repair, crack sealing and sealcoating. Pavecon can also improve the look and safety of your asphalt or concrete parking lot with fresh striping, new signage and concrete bollards. Rely on our experienced Northwest Arkansas pavement team to construct an asphalt parking lot from the ground up, or make the most severely damaged parking lot stronger than ever, with our exclusive asphalt recycling with cement stabilization process — not available through any other Northwest Arkansas paving company.

The Smoothest Parking Lot and Pavement Repair Experience in Northwest Arkansas

Pavecon of Northwest Arkansas makes it easy to get the best-performing pavement you’ve ever had. Whether your need pavement maintenance services like sealcoating, crack filling, striping and signage, or a major concrete or asphalt pavement repair, a hassle-free experience starts with Pavecon. Rely on Pavecon of Northwest Arkansas for paving in Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville or Rogers.

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Recycle Your Damaged Parking Lot Into Your Best Pavement Yet

Recycling asphalt with cement stabilization does more than save time and money. It allows us to re-use even the most severely damaged pavement in Northwest Arkansas to build a superior and longer-lasting product than the original.

When Pavecon recycles asphalt pavement for our Northwest Arkansas customers, we use the existing asphalt pavement and base material, recycle it in-place, and add cement to stabilize it. Once the base is stabilized, we pave the top with asphalt.

Pavecon Asphalt Recycling with Cement Stabilization: How It Works


Asphalt pavement roads and parking lots have three layers: The subgrade, the base, and the asphalt surface. The subgrade is the foundation, which lies under the base. The base material is eight-to-ten inches thick. The asphalt you see on top of the base is rarely more than two inches thick.

When damaged asphalt starts to buckle, show failures or develop potholes, which are common Northwest Arkansas asphalt problems, the issue goes deeper than the visible asphalt surface. Broken asphalt means the base has failed. To repair it properly, you have two options.

Asphalt removal and replacement is the old option. The asphalt surface is torn out, and so is the eight-to-ten inch base beneath it. All that old base material and pavement material is hauled away in dump trucks and taken to a landfill. A new parking lot is built in its place from the base up. This option is the most costly in terms of labor, transportation, dumping fees, equipment, time and waste.

Recycled asphalt with cement stabilization, or asphalt full-depth reclamation, is the most cost-efficient option. Pavecon has the expertise and equipment to make recycled asphalt with cement stabilization standard on every asphalt pavement repair in Northwest Arkansas. So we can automatically save you money and time on your asphalt repair.

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