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Pavecon of Mississippi

Serving Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and Florida

Total parking lot paving and maintenance in Mississippi and nearby states.

If you manage pavement in the Jackson, Mississippi, area, or anywhere in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee or Florida, make the Pavecon Mississippi regional office your first call for asphalt paving or concrete paving services.

The Pavecon Mississippi regional office provides a full range of asphalt paving and concrete paving services for commercial properties. We specialize in construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and repair for parking lots, sidewalks and curbs in high-traffic areas. Pavecon also provides driveway, street and roadway paving, as well as related services like traffic signage, bollards, pavement marking and much more. Our experienced and professional team is ready for whatever your paving project requires.

Paving expertise from parking lot construction to sealcoating.

Whether you simply need basic parking lot maintenance, such as sealcoating, striping or pothole repairs, a total parking lot replacement, or anything in between, you can count on the seasoned crew of paving experts at the Pavecon Mississippi Regional Office for results you can be proud to put your name on.

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Meet Our Team of Paving Experts in Jackson, Mississippi

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Build and maintain beautiful parking lots, sidewalks, roads and curbs.

The Pavecon Mississippi regional office makes paving easy for property managers in Mississippi and the surrounding states of Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. We provide everything your property needs to offer a safe, attractive and well-marked entrance for your guests, including asphalt paving, concrete paving, parking lot maintenance and pavement repair.

Paving repairs? Secure a smooth process for your commercial property.

Pavecon specializes in parking lot construction, asphalt repair and routine pavement maintenance for big-box retail shopping centers, apartment complexes, car dealership lots and other large-scale, high-traffic developments. Our experienced paving contractors respect the traffic flow of your business and work carefully to minimize our impact as much as possible.

Hire the nationally respected asphalt, concrete and paving company based in Jackson, Mississippi.

Pavecon Pavement Concrete is a subsidiary of Pavecon, a national recognized paving and construction company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The Pavecon Mississippi regional office is one of the company’s eight regional offices in the U.S. It is located in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area in Byram, just south of the city of Jackson.

You don’t have to be in Jackson to call our experienced paving contractors.

If you manage commercial property anywhere in the multi-state region of our service area, contact the Pavecon regional office in Mississippi and request a quote.

Central Mississippi Paving Managing Yazoo Clay


Rough pavement doesn’t have to be business as usual.

Due to the unavoidable effects of Yazoo clay, parking lots in the greater Jackson area and throughout many counties in central Mississippi tend to develop cracks, potholes and uneven places in pavement much more rapidly than they might in other areas.

Save money with preventive maintenance and swift attention small problems.

This challenging geological issue makes it especially important for commercial property managers in central Mississippi to keep a close eye on their parking lots, because in these conditions, small pavement problems become large (and expensive) very quickly. Preventive maintenance for Mississippi parking lots, such as sealcoating and crack filling, is essential. When cracking, potholes or uneven places do surface, swift attention to pavement repair can save your business thousands of dollars. Our paving experts do all they can to help you maximize, and when possible, extend, the life of your original parking lot investment.

We help Mississippi build and maintain parking lots for longer-lasting results.

The Mississippi division of Pavecon offers expertise on important preventive measures you can take to protect your paved surfaces, such as sealcoating, crack/joint filling and drainage techniques. We work diligently to help property managers like you manage and minimize the effects of Yazoo clay on your parking lot — and your budget.

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